Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Fun

Matt and I have been busy the last 5+ weeks!  Here's a list of what we've experienced/enjoyed:

Laura and Blake's wedding
Multiple "munchie" runs to WinCo with the Martin family in Utah
Spending a whole day with Ammon and Amanda
Waking up to sweet baby Lucy and Miles every morning in St. George
Spending time with St. George family
Participating in a Silly Girls photo shoot
Playing hours of  Rock Band in St. George and in Bodega Bay
Staying in a beach house with my family in Bodega Bay
Staying in a beach house with the Martins on Emerald Isle
Spending time with family and relatives
Watching some great movies and eating delicious food
(These next few are just for me)
Having some quality girl time with my lady-friends in Greenville
Participating in a food blog with some fabulous sisters

Right now we're finishing up our packing.  Please pray for us!  Tomorrow my parents fly into Raleigh and then Wednesday we're GONE.  :( 
Here's Matt trying to help. Bless his tender heart!