Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Packing Up for Chicago!

Each year we get better and better at moving, thanks to Mica. She is an organizing machine. Look at all those labels. Packing up the truck only took a little over one hour. 
 Here we are with Bishop Brian Tew and his lovely wife Cheri. I had a great time serving with Brian in the Concord Ward bishopric. I'm gonna miss this big guy! He taught me a lot about priesthood leadership, charity,and having fun while serving in the church.
 Here we are with our moving help. These guys sacrificed a Saturday morning to help us move. A big thanks to Nerissa and Keith Weiss for staying longer to help clean our apartment. And another big thanks to Ron and Alex for giving up two weeks of summer to help us pack up and drive to Chicago.
 Here are Mica and her very, very good friend Nerissa Weiss who was/is an absolute blessing in our lives.