Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mount Washington: Tuckerman's Ravine

Finally a new post!

Here we are hiking Mount Washington, the highest point in the entire northeastern part of the United States. The weather at the summit of the mountain is considered some of the worst in the world. The highest wind speed ever recorded by man was done here in 1932 (231 mph!!). Elevation is 6288 feet. 

We hiked with two friends from our ward, Lehi Mills and Jay Sutkus. Got up to the summit in 4.5 hours and down in less than 3 hours. Most of the trail consisted of rocks, rocks, and more rocks. It felt like we were walking on an old, dried up stream bed. 

At the top of the mountain we broke for lunch and stayed warm inside the visitor center. There were dozens of other people there. You can drive up to the summit or take a train as well. As we descended we saw lightning and heard thunder above us. Rain started 30 minutes later. About a mile from base camp a downpour of rain started. We were soaked by the time we reached our car. Overall, a safe, fun hike on a beautiful mountain.