Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grandparents 65th Anniversary Party

This past weekend we were in PA (again!) to attend my grandparents 65th anniversary party (as well as Grandma Martha's 90th birthday).  My dad and his brother planned the event which was held at the First United Methodist Church of Hanover that Bob and Martha go to.  We had such a lovely time!

Sorry about some of the pictures being blurry and looking green.  We did not use the flash very often.  Plus, the interior of the room was mostly green; hence, the green hue in most of the pictures.

Rob and Staci put together a beautiful video which you can see here. It's a great slide show of pictures with music, representing the development of Bob and Martha's relationship. Very sweet and touching.

Barbara and Mica pinning boutonniere/corsage after they entered the room.

Here I am talking with my great Uncle George, oldest child of the Perry family (91 years old, I think).

Chris and Allison, the newly weds in the group, with a picture of a young Bob Martin.

Bob and Martha speaking with Joe Green of Rochester, NY. Joe is a cousin on the Martin side.

Uncle Michael on left with sport jacket. Don't know two other guys but I believe they are related to Aunt Ellen. Then Dad, of course.

Julia and Chris holding up Grandma :)

"Try to kiss me again and you'll be singing happy birthday with the fishes." (We both look like we are wearing lipstick for some reason).

Just kidding! We're BFF!

 Bob's friend Ed telling Julia stories.  He then made a flag out of a napkin!

You can see Uncle George again, this time sitting next to Aunt Nancy.

Mom keeping us all in line at the party.

 Watching the video from Rob and Staci.

Great picture of Bob Martin looking at the camera.

There were several old pictures brought to the celebration as table decorations. I took the chance to get digital copies of each of them.
Pictures of Bob and Martha

And sons

This one is an OLD one and includes Clarence Martin (youngest boy here) with his brother Paul and both parents, Milton and Nancy. Clarence was the father of Bob Martin, whose first name is actually Clarence.

Seth Green, brother of Joe, and his wife (name???) speaking with grandparents and me.