Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just another Saturday

Trey LOVES Matt. Wherever Matt goes, Trey goes...or at least he tries. Below, he's following Matt to the office. He had a baby meltdown after this picture because once he made it to the office, the door was closed.
Matt came out again...and the world was better.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not my baby

This is Trey. He loves speed-crawling, empty water-bottles, shoes, old tupperware, blowing raspberries, long walks on the beach.... He's a baby I watch during the week while his mother works. AND, let me tell you, he is GREAT practice for me! I was nervous when I first started watching him...I must have called my mom at LEAST 5 times a day! I've never been too comfortable with babies because of all their crying and no talking. I still have "those days" with Trey, but I'm learning to relax and trust my motherly instincts rather than stress and worry. This experience is wonderful in helping me prepare for being a mommy. :)

Just so you get an idea of our "play space". This was the setup around Christmas. Since then I've moved his crib to the office; I had it in the front room for a while because I was paranoid about not hearing him if he cried. I was such a noob. I worried WAY to much.

These are from a few weeks ago. It's so hard to take pictures of this little guy! He moves around so much. I don't know how you girls (Lindsay, Staci, Aymee) take such amazing pictures of your little ones!

I wish I had taken pictures of Trey when I first started watching him. He has grown so much since then!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 down, 118 to go...

Matt and I are huge BsG fans! While in San Juan this past October, we met Edward James Olmos at the airport (aka "Admiral Adama!").

Last week, Matt interviewed for internships in Indiana and New Hampshire. While at the Chicago O'Hare airport he met ANOTHER BsG cast member: Tahmoh Penikett (aka "Helo"). Tahmoh is a giant! But, Matt said he was very nice and seemed happy to answer all of his nerdy questions. :)

There are 120 cast members from the 4 season series. Matt has a long ways to go before his journey is complete.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


While Matt was in the shower this morning I prepared his cereal bowl and spoon, a sack lunch for school, then pulled out a pair of clean garment bottoms. Wait, what?? I MEANT to pull out a clean set for him. BUT...when I opened the garment drawer, all I saw was a pair of lonely bottoms. Where's your friend, bottoms?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pre-nap conversation

Me: Do you think we should start a blog? I want to start a blog. I think it's time.

Matt: You do know that the only way people will follow our blog is if you follow them and actually leave comments.

Me: Yeah.

Matt: Okay, then.