Monday, March 28, 2011

Playing with the Bulldog

I am well aware that I post A LOT of pictures of not-my-baby Trey.  But, really? Why wouldn't I??  He's cute, cuddly, a great listener, makes me feel comfortable...he's my friend. :)  AND, I don't have anything else to blog about.  Matt does his school/work thing, I do my babysitting...throw in church, friends, personal trials (bleh!), cleaning, food, Netflix and you've got our life (at the moment) summed up.  I should take pictures of what I listed above.  I'll try and remember to from here on out.  Until then, heeeeeere's Trey!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Trey and I went to the park yesterday with my dear friend, Heather, and her two children. Emily (who's 5) was so sweet with Trey. She loved feeding him his snacks and making sure he was comfortable.

I think it's so funny when Tray plays with his toys while lying on his side! It's like he's playing..."casually"...
Some major droolage...
A new "face"...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Add a caption ...

This is Matt.

Add a caption in the comments section. The best caption wins a free hug the next time I see you. :)

Ex: "I wonder how long it will take before this human family realizes that I'm not one of them."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Before nap time...

Trey made a "stink" face,

played with tupperware,
made an attempt at juggling,
stared,enjoyed laundry time...a little too much,
picked up blocks,
knocked down towers,
did a little dance...
AND this...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Live Free or Die"

We're moving to New Hampshire. The state insect is the ladybug. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Trey's top teeth are coming in. Oh, joy. Besides the excessive crying, today was pretty normal.

Sometimes Trey helps me sweep. Then he likes to swallow the lint/debris he picks up. He's very thorough.

Around lunch time, Matt came home. He ate a few burritos and THEN did something absolutely wonderful and unexpected...he STAYED home! He spent the rest of the afternoon with Me and Trey. I loved it. He loved it. Trey LOVED it.

Good Ol' Fashioned Fun!

This past Saturday I attended our R.S. Conference with my friend, Amy. Matt's barbershop group was asked to perform during a segment of "Emma's Garden Party"(a play where Emma Smith welcomes each R.S. president (from past to present) to her "garden party").

As each president enters, a narrator describes what was going on during that time period in America. She, the R.S. president, then shares a few experiences/uplifting quotes from her presidency. As the decades changed, music from that era was played. During the 1900's, Matt's group sang a song. After the play they were asked to sing around each table while we mingled and ate our "garden" lunch.

From left to right: Matt, Rick Finnlayson, Danny Brew, Tony Eason.
I don't think this sister wanted to be sung to!
A few videos I took from my seat: