Saturday, April 16, 2011


I don't like writing.  And by "like" I mean "hate".  I hate writing.  I've been procrastinating posting about things going on here because, well, to explain what is going on I would have to WRITE.  ::sigh::  I like lists!  SO, here's a LIST of our (cue David Bowie music)  ch-ch-ch-ch-changes:

1.  Diligent prayer and scripture studying.

2.  CrossFit.  My youngest brother, Joseph, inspired me to get into this.  Thank you, brother. :)

3.  Eating more healthily.  Matt has been so supportive in this department.  I'm so grateful he eats and ENJOYS my whole wheat, low sodium, mostly veggie meals.

4.  Less movies, more reading.  Matt and I have been reading this to each other every night instead of ending the evening with a movie.

5. More laughing! Matt and I are silly people. You know this. We know this. I wish you could see some of the jokes Matt tries to pull ... cheesy. :)

Maybe it's the spring weather or maybe the stars are aligned ... but all these powers combined make a very happy Matt and Mica.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Today's Trey

Gotta love the drool.
Trey LOVES the Snugli.  Not being in it, just playing with it. 
And of course, he loves his pearls...
except when he swings them too hard and they hit him in the face...
Trey doesn't like that.
After checking my email on Matt's itouch, I looked over and saw this: Trey, flat on his belly, sporadically moving his arms and legs.
After his workout, he fell asleep.  :)