Monday, April 4, 2011

Today's Trey

Gotta love the drool.
Trey LOVES the Snugli.  Not being in it, just playing with it. 
And of course, he loves his pearls...
except when he swings them too hard and they hit him in the face...
Trey doesn't like that.
After checking my email on Matt's itouch, I looked over and saw this: Trey, flat on his belly, sporadically moving his arms and legs.
After his workout, he fell asleep.  :)


  1. Hey that's my blanket!!! I gave it to matt :)

  2. Yeah, he told me! You're so sweet:) The leather chair it's on has major ripping. I thought the quilt would cover it just nicely (and it goes with our grandma-esque furniture!).