Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Few First's...

Our first Sunday in Concord.

Our first visit to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial.

Matt's first day of work.

Matt's first "Mr. Fix-it" job in our apartment. 

My first attempt at Grandma Martha's coconut cake.  I'll be posting the recipe on the food blog I'm a part of later this week!

Our first walk/jog in NH rain.

The Apartment

Here we are unloading the truck...alone. The day we arrived in Concord was the day our new ward scheduled a temple trip.  Nice.  Thankfully, after a while the missionaries came!  And, oh, did we need them!  We still had our heavy furniture left to unload. 

Here's our "before" apartment shots.  I'll be posting the "after" later.

We're Here And We're Alive!

My Dad, "The Tetris King!" (as quoted by Matt)

For our move to NH we ordered a 16 foot Penske moving truck (the same size we had when we moved to NC).  Once it was in our parking lot, I panicked.  What were we thinking?! We had purchased furniture while in NC!  Every fiber of my being believed our stuff would NOT fit into that Penske truck.  I felt so strongly about this that I made Matt pick-up a U-Haul trailer.  When my parents arrived, my dad looked at the truck and said "It can be done".  I was still worried.  Oh, my little faith...   What happened next was a modern day miracle!  My dad was able to fit EVERYTHING into that truck! 

The wonderful men and children who helped.