Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Storm

This just happened! We could hear the rain drumming on the roof for most of the storm. This rain is a nice relief to a long week of hot summer weather in North Carolina. I daresay I may miss it after we leave!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Now It's Time To Say Goodbye...

Tomorrow afternoon, Trey's mother (Monique) is picking up her baby's things.  My time with Trey has come to an end.  I'm going to miss my little buddy!  My babysitting experience with him has been nothing but memorable.  I've learned so much and pray I'll remember everything for when I have my own babies!

I didn't take pictures of Trey when I first started watching him.  This is the earliest photo I could find.
Isn't he sweet??  He was such a lil' nugget then.  Now, he's like a full grown man-baby!  On June 16th, he'll be turning the big 01!

Just so you know, he stacked these all by himself!

These pictures/videos are from Saturday.  For those of you who know Matt, that is the day (if his work load permits) he plays video games with his brothers.  It doesn't happen too often.  But, when it does, Matt gets WAY into it!  Trey could hear him from the family room and wanted in on all the action.

Quack, Quack

Near the hospital, there is a pond.  And in that pond, there are duckies!  One day, we fed them.