Saturday, April 16, 2011


I don't like writing.  And by "like" I mean "hate".  I hate writing.  I've been procrastinating posting about things going on here because, well, to explain what is going on I would have to WRITE.  ::sigh::  I like lists!  SO, here's a LIST of our (cue David Bowie music)  ch-ch-ch-ch-changes:

1.  Diligent prayer and scripture studying.

2.  CrossFit.  My youngest brother, Joseph, inspired me to get into this.  Thank you, brother. :)

3.  Eating more healthily.  Matt has been so supportive in this department.  I'm so grateful he eats and ENJOYS my whole wheat, low sodium, mostly veggie meals.

4.  Less movies, more reading.  Matt and I have been reading this to each other every night instead of ending the evening with a movie.

5. More laughing! Matt and I are silly people. You know this. We know this. I wish you could see some of the jokes Matt tries to pull ... cheesy. :)

Maybe it's the spring weather or maybe the stars are aligned ... but all these powers combined make a very happy Matt and Mica.


  1. yay we love Happy M & M! Cross fit is really fun, ewwww eating healthy..guess you gotta do what you gotta do ;). I hate writing too...and reading. We love you and I love your list!

  2. 6. Go and live with mom, dad, and Julia in PA. :)

  3. Thanks, Staci! We love a happy M&M too. ;) p.s. You really don't like to read??

    And, Julia...sweet, sister Julia...I would want your room if we lived at home! ::sigh:: Oh, the fun we would have...

  4. You two inspire me! Great list! I cannot survive without lists!

  5. I love love your changes! I've been thinking about some changes myself! and random off should post a blog in dedicatory to me of advice on how to prepare for a marriage spiritually/temporally!!

  6. Mica, you have a blog! Great post. :) I've been wanting to try CrossFit. I hear it's cuhrazy. I wish you guys lived closer. You would be the funnest couple to hang out with!

  7. i love having a very happy matt and mica. you're the bestest friend and sister anyone could ask for. i'm glad we're related! :)