Monday, May 2, 2011

A very happy Saturday and Sabbath!

This past weekend, we had Stake Conference.  And, what a beautiful Conference it was!  We had this fine gentleman speak to us:

Elder Richard G. Scott

Matt and I had the wonderful experience of singing in the choir; consisting of about 80-90 members.  We sang some beautiful arrangements!  You would recognize the songs from MOTAB.  I cried through most of them...  Matt was asked to lead the mens choir for the priesthood session on Saturday.  I was so proud. :)

Elder Scott is truly a man of God.  He is spiritual, humble, sincere, kind, loving, humorous, appreciative and inspired.  For both Saturday and Sunday's sessions he asked and answered questions from the pulpit.  He asked us what we would say to Joseph Smith.  What would we thank him for?  Is the gospel of Jesus Christ precious to us?  How do we study the scriptures?  On Sunday he called up two young women (on the spot!) to answer questions about modesty, studying the scriptures and being married in the temple.  I was so impressed with both of them.  Elder Scott commented on how humor should be a part of our lives.  He then shared a joke that began with, "So, there was this Jewish man..." Oh. My. Gosh.  Really?!  I thought it was funny.  I found out later that a lot of people didn't get the joke.

After Sunday's session several families picnicked outside at a park near the convention center; the convention center could hold more than our Stake building.  The weather was perfect!  We ate with our Greenville "family" and had delicious chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, grapes, veggies and chips.  When Matt and I got home, we took a 3-hour nap.  It was glorious!
 New Bern convention center

Our Stake President, David Walker, worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect for this weekend. For the most part, he succeeded!  Until, that is, he stood up to announce the apostle...he introduced him as "Elder Squat".  This happened not once, but TWICE.  The second time President Walker blamed his error on the bright lights.  Poor, Pres. Walker...I'm afraid he'll never live this down...


  1. OK, so here's the joke:

    A Jewish man finds out from his doctor that he has terminal cancer. On his way home to tell his wife the terrible news, he stops by a Catholic church and decides to go inside.

    When he finally gets home, he says to his wife, "Honey, I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like first?" The wife says, "Give me the bad news first". The husband says, "I have terminal cancer".

    Stricken with grief, the wife replies "Now what could possibly be good news compared to that?!" The husband says "On my way home I stopped into a Catholic church and was baptized!".

    The wife says "Why in the world would you do that?!" He says smiling "Well, I thought it was better that a Catholic die then a Jew."

  2. Okay, I don't get it!!!!! But, I did very much enjoy reading your write up Mica. Very uplifting! See you two soon!!!! Have you practiced the song yet? "This is the Christ"?

  3. this sounds marvelous.. i know those days.. where they are filled with spiritual stuff, food and then naps. mmmm.. love 'em. the bestest. wish i could have heard you guys sing!!! love you toots.