Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oldies But Goodies

  This is Trey when he eats sweet potatoes.  He loves them!

 Sometimes I'll flip the plastic containers over so Trey can play the "drums". 

Whenever we go to the park, Trey is quite the stare-bear.  It took FOREVER to get this picture because he wouldn't stop looking at the children around him.


  1. I'm gonna miss this little guy. Yeah, he can leave behind some messy diapers and he has a little old man voice. But he's such a cute, good-natured baby. And he's been great practice for me and Mica!

  2. i love you and your "motherhood". it makes me laugh and also excited for when you have your own birthed child. ps. quit moving so far east. it's giving me hives.

  3. i have a fever and the only remedy is more mica. i neeeeed to see more! k.. i'm not needy or anything...even though my "need" had more than it's fair share of E's.

  4. Oh, Lindsay! You made me smile. :) Tanks. p.s. Don't get hives. I've had them. They suck. I was out of school for 2 weeks in 2nd grade and my whole class thought I died.