Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feliz Aniversario de Tres Anos

Happy Three Year Anniversary!

I decided to use the language of Mica's cultural heritage for the title of this post. :)

Here we are three years later! We are older, wiser, and in more love than ever. We have many adventures ahead of us including moving to New Hampshire at the end of July this summer. We also can't wait to see family in June during Laura's wedding. So many wonderful things to look forward to!

I can still easily say that Mica is the sweetest, most beautiful woman I have ever met. She has filled my life with a joy that I had never thought possible. Thank you lover! This post's for you!


  1. awe that was too sweet matt, i love you both and congrats on 3 years and many many more

  2. Happy Anniversary!! What a sweet note! We are so happy for you two!!

  3. You two are so good for each other. We celebrate these three years because we are so blessed to have Mica as part of our family. We love being with you both and look forward to next month.
    Love you! Congrats on the three years!

  4. awwww... i love my brother. he's such a good man for you, heinzen. really he is. :) happy anniversary lovers.