Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Trey and I went to the park yesterday with my dear friend, Heather, and her two children. Emily (who's 5) was so sweet with Trey. She loved feeding him his snacks and making sure he was comfortable.

I think it's so funny when Tray plays with his toys while lying on his side! It's like he's playing..."casually"...
Some major droolage...
A new "face"...

video video


  1. um, sister, can you run and manage my blog for me???

  2. i love when lucas acts casual.. like that picture of casual jesus you guys got for your wedding. ps. i love trey's voice.

  3. I totally thought of casual Jesus when posting that picture! We donated that "casual" picture to the D.I. in Provo. I did take a picture of it, though...for posterity.