Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Trey's top teeth are coming in. Oh, joy. Besides the excessive crying, today was pretty normal.

Sometimes Trey helps me sweep. Then he likes to swallow the lint/debris he picks up. He's very thorough.

Around lunch time, Matt came home. He ate a few burritos and THEN did something absolutely wonderful and unexpected...he STAYED home! He spent the rest of the afternoon with Me and Trey. I loved it. He loved it. Trey LOVED it.


  1. awe he is so darn cute..i can't wait till you guys are parents you're gonna be so good.

  2. One of the nice things about still being in school is that I can have days like yesterday: spending time with the wife and kid! The down side about still being in school is that we're so poor!

    He is a cutie. It's funny seeing these blog posts about a kid that doesn't even belong to us! :)

  3. That kid is so darn adorable! Oh, I mean my kid (Matt)!!!

  4. haha I thought at first Matt was in his garments bottoms!!

  5. Barb- Yes...yes, he is adorable. :)