Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not my baby

This is Trey. He loves speed-crawling, empty water-bottles, shoes, old tupperware, blowing raspberries, long walks on the beach.... He's a baby I watch during the week while his mother works. AND, let me tell you, he is GREAT practice for me! I was nervous when I first started watching him...I must have called my mom at LEAST 5 times a day! I've never been too comfortable with babies because of all their crying and no talking. I still have "those days" with Trey, but I'm learning to relax and trust my motherly instincts rather than stress and worry. This experience is wonderful in helping me prepare for being a mommy. :)

Just so you get an idea of our "play space". This was the setup around Christmas. Since then I've moved his crib to the office; I had it in the front room for a while because I was paranoid about not hearing him if he cried. I was such a noob. I worried WAY to much.

These are from a few weeks ago. It's so hard to take pictures of this little guy! He moves around so much. I don't know how you girls (Lindsay, Staci, Aymee) take such amazing pictures of your little ones!

I wish I had taken pictures of Trey when I first started watching him. He has grown so much since then!


  1. he is sooo you really are getting ready i love get preg with me this summer so we can have a baby together. You are going to be an AMAZING MOMMA!

  2. Thanks Staci! Before this experience, I often worried too much about being a mom., I beginning to feel more comfortable about having a bun in my oven. :)

  3. SOOOOOO You have been hiding this from your REAL sister this WHOLE time!?! *I love it. This blog is awesomeness lovely witty you. AND I love how we all have those SAME kitchen table chairs in our homes!!! Now you just need a bell to hang on your door so you hear that lovely sound every time it's opened. Love you so so much sister!!!