Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our New Ride!

Once we arrived in Fayetteville we decided to look into buying a used car.  Our Toyota Corolla is 15 years old, still runs great, but scares us sometimes (especially since it has had several owners and been in several accidents).

We ended up buying a 2007 Highlander in excellent condition from a local Toyota dealer.  It was the only Highlander available besides a '12 and '13 models.  We were looking for a vehicle that offered more space and was higher off the ground.  Our top choices were the Highlander, Rav4, and Scion.

After test driving and much deliberation, we went with the Highlander.  The price was amazing for the year and condition of the vehicle.  We're very happy with our choice.

Our little Corolla has been good to us.  We were thinking of letting it go once we arrived in NC.  Ron did a thorough detailing of the car along with a little tune up as well. He believes there's still some life left in the car.  So, we plan to use it until it needs a major repair or it dies. This car will be my work car and then Mica will use the Highlander.

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  1. Love your new car! I feel better knowing you will come visit us in a more reliable car. It looks great! Glad you're keeping the Corolla. It's always nice to have a back up. Good job, guys.