Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Hopkinton State Fair

After our morning with the Romney's on Monday, we headed on over to Contoocook for the state fair! The weather was overcast and perfect for walking outside. Along with your regular games and rides, there were many little shops and exhibits. There were also several large barns with different animals in them. It was so much fun to walk through and see all of the prize winning animals for that year. What made it even more enjoyable, for me, was hearing all the children's reactions to the animals. Little kid voices are so cute!

This carriage is an original from 1890.  There was a barn filled (floor to ceiling) with carriages/sleighs/primitive transportation from the last century. 
 This guy was near one of the rides...he wasn't feeling too well.
 There was a woman next to us who said, "That's alot of pumpkin pie!"
Chubbie Bunnies
This pig's name is "Oreo".  I love oreo's.
 Cow Lovers

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  1. I always loved going to the San Joaquin County fair. Haven't been to one in ages!!