Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Heinzen Christmas!

We had a full house this Christmas.  It was very cozy.  :)  We played  lots of Rock-Band, Mexican Train, ate delicious food, had a "Avatar: The Last Airbender" marathon, went caroling, built flower-beds in my sisters back yard, had conversations lasting late into the night, went to the movies, made pumpkin bread/cookies almost every night, attended my cousins wedding, visited dear friends, got sick, and took naps.  We had a great Christmas!

Sorry, these pictures are random.  Also, you're about to see alot of Lucas and Elliot...and my Christmas nightgown.


  1. awe i want to spend christmas with the heinzen's next yr. I can't get enough pics of those two babies...seriously lil Elliot is to die for!!! I also love the Mica jammies you're beautiful!

  2. Your family is so dear, Mica!!! So happy you and Matt had such a wonderful time at Christmas!! Lots of special memories!