Thursday, October 31, 2013

BYU vs. Virginia Game

At the end of August we drove to Charlottesville, Virginia to meet up with Matt's parents, Chris and Allison, and Caleb and Katy for the BYU game.  It was so fun!  We all had lunch together before walking to the stadium.  The opening ceremony was pretty cool and included a man riding in full costume on a horse.  Everything looks more cool on a horse!  Around the 2nd quarter was when things got interesting.  Right before half-time we were asked to leave because of a thunderstorm warning.  And I mean EVERYONE.  The whole stadium was evacuated!  Luckily, we found an old apartment building to camp out in that was across the street.  We took shelter for about 2 hours before being let back into the stadium.  It was chaos!  Then, of course, not long after we made it to our seats it began to rain.  Again.  We didn't stay too much longer...

Before we met everyone for lunch Matt and I walked around.  I don't remember what this area is called!  To the left of these buildings was a huge outdoor mall and farmer's market.
The Game!
Waiting out the storm.
These two pictures are from Allison's camera.
P.S. I'm 3 months pregnant here.  Can you tell??

Sorry about the wonky videos.  They'll be fixed later.  All of the above pictures and videos were taken on our ipad.

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