Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Kirtland Temple

There are practically no restaurants in Kirtland!  We finally asked a local and they directed us to the Kirtland City tavern which is just down the street from the temple.  Nice.  It ended up being super yummy!

We stopped at the visitor center run by the Community of Christ (who actually owns the Temple building).  They have a beautiful center with lots to see and do.  We watched a video inside and saw replicas of equipment and materials used to build the temple.

Here we are at the N.K. Whitney store which is owned by the LDS Church and includes lots of other beautiful buildings that have been restored or rebuilt. Lots to see here as well!

 The top picture is the room Joseph Smith received revelation for several sections of the Doctrine and Covenants.  The bottom is a picture of the room where priesthood leaders would meet.

Here are pictures of the Saw Mill and Ashery. These are replicas that look VERY real. In fact, they are fully functioning buildings. You can actually cut wood here!

These sister missionaries were our tour guides.

And finally here is the LDS Visitors Center that includes very nice videos, pictures, and historical artifacts. The Church does a very nice job of maintaining the area. 

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