Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arriving in Chicago

When we arrived at our apartment we were blessed to have the elders and 5 men ready to help us!  Our apartment complex is very old. There are two elevators that can only fit so many boxes.  We're on the top floor (the 5th).  It was a very tedious process.

The front room.

The dining area.

The kitchen.  Oh, help.

The bathroom.  

The bedroom.

After a lot of work in organizing (thanks to my wonderful parents!) we felt comfortable and settled in our cozy little apartment.

At night, after a day of organizing, we would play Mexican train with my parents. And Matt would wear my pajama bottoms because he couldn't find his own. :)


  1. awe i love it...i love your pj's too matt. ;)

  2. I'm thrilled to see you have a picture history of these memories. You will be sharing these stories with your children for many years to come.