Saturday, May 25, 2013

April and May Recap

The last several weeks have really flown by for us!  Four weekends in a row we were out of town:

April 20th:  Chris and Allison's wedding, UT

April 26th:  Job interview, Memphis/TN

May 4th:  Chris and Allison's open house, PA

May 13th:  Job interview, Fayetteville/NC

We took very few pictures documenting our travels.  On Chris and Allisons wedding day I could only capture these beauties before my (old) camera died.

Nice, I know.  Thankfully, Staci's camera was working perfectly!  Here are a few pictures I stole from facebook.

During our visit in Memphis we stopped at Shelby Farms before having dinner with the Department Chair.

I have zero pictures of our time in PA and NC.  :(

In PA we had a blast, as always!  We enjoyed the traditional Martin activities: good food (including Rita's!) and movies. Barbara recently remodeled the kitchen and it looks fabulous!  Perfect timing for the open house (which was also fabulous).

And as you all know, our visit to NC went so well that we're moving back in 4 weeks!!

Here are 3 videos that Matt took while at the temple for Chris and Allison's sealing.  Matt also video taped his youngest sister, Julia, while she opened her mission call.

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