Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Field Museum

Our Friday "Happy Anniversary" adventures in Chicago!

I thought it important to capture our transportation.  We've taken many a bus since living in Chicago.

 Beautiful modern apartment building near Grant Park

 Above is Columbus Drive. Below is a dog park near Grant Park.
Happy 5th Anniversary breakfast at Yolk which seriously has the BEST breakfast food.

They are super fast with your food order and give plenty of food. Below are pics from when we ate there in April with friends.
Here is a very interesting set of cast iron figures from Poland. 

The Field Museum. Inside we saw tons of life science exhibits. We couldn't see everything. There was so much! 

 An epic occasion

 Beautiful view of Navy Pier
We started out with the Animal Exhibit (including extinct and prehistoric).  The first section was ALL birds.  Thousands of them.  They were everywhere. You can see a cute hummingbird skeleton.  Many of these exhibits are over 100 years old.
 Scary picture of Mica!
 Dinosaurs! This was Mica's favorite part.

 This one is actually a mammal.

Ground Level of the museum. There were, of course, multiple school groups there that day.

This is Sue, the largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosauruses Rex in the world!



  1. I didn't know your anniversary was coming up! Happy 5 years!! Awesome travels :)

  2. Thanks:) It was a fabulous day! We forgot to mention how we ate our favorite Thai (take-out) for dinner. Man, I'm going to miss the food from here. Although, we're definitely looking forward to some good ol' NC barbecue!!