Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grant Park and The Bean

Most of our stuff is packed so we've been spending some free time enjoying Chicago. On Tuesday we ate at Nana's, a local restaurant that only serves organic, locally grown food.

Mica ordered the "Nanadict" seen below, which includes poached eggs, chorizo, pupusas, poblano cream, arugula, and potatoes. It was yummy!!
 I got the po' boy which had grilled shrimp and fried oysters on a french bread bun. Incredible flavor.
We were planning on going to the Shedd Aquarium but it was way too busy!  The line to get in was way too long.  We decided to just sight see along the waterfront and Grant park.
Two random but stunning metal horse statues. Look for the little man near the base of the statue.
 Gorgeous blue sky. It started out foggy but the sun chased the fog away.
Here we are in Grant/Millennium Park. The landscaping here is fantastic with a gigantic fountain as the crown jewel.

 We probably have too many pictures of us and the fountain, but the background is just too nice. Also, guess what t-shirts we're wearing?! Viva la Rock and Roll!!

 We started taking a self-shot but then a couple came and offered to help.
 The woman kept telling us to slightly turn for each picture!  She was funny...

 Here is a lovely rose garden with a variety of colors. Spring time is the perfect time to visit Chicago.
This is Pritzker Pavilion which houses free music throughout the summer. During our visit, an orchestra was rehearsing for an upcoming concert. What good timing!
 Can you see them?

Here is the "Bean", officially known as Cloud Gate. It's an amazing piece of art and science. I would love to know how they made it. The exterior is flawless and looks like it dropped straight from heaven.

 Pretty cool huh?

Picked up a few souvenir t-shirts.
 Couldn't leave the city without Garrett's! This stuff must be laced with cocaine because I cannot get enough. This day we got the Caramel Crisp with cashews. You can also get a delicious Cheese flavor as well.


  1. WOW! Every photo is absolutely breath taking! Did you get a new camera?

    1. Yes, we got a Sony Cyber-Shot from Costco. Great quality for a small, inexpensive camera.

  2. It's like you took a vacation to Chicago to see the sights without paying for a motel. :) So glad you recorded it with pictures. I don't know if I will ever get to visit there and see all these places. So, thanks so much for sharing. Loved it!

    1. I really came to love Chicago maybe because I saw a little more of it than Mica. So much to see and do. I'm glad we've been blogging somewhat consistently. It certainly helps to have a beautiful city to blog/write about. I wonder what it will be like to blog about Fayetteville.

  3. Love the blog! Enjoyed sightseeing without airline miles. :D We're Sony Cyber Shot fans...the first one I got was only 2.2 mega pixels, and to think that was awesome then. haha Thanks for sharing your adventures!