Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last Days of Work in Chicago

Last day of work with two awesome colleagues: Jeehee Sung and John Rolland. I worked alongside Jeehee this past year during the fellowship. I'll miss talking about patients and therapy with her. John was my supervisor and boss this past year and taught me a lot about family therapy and health issues. I miss them already.
We ate lunch together. I ordered a delicious but somewhat ordinary cobb salad.

 Here I am at my last Friday conference with the medical residents. Rick Guthmann, one of the faculty members, is in the back in pink. My supervisor Steven Zuckerman is eyeing that cake. The faculty and residents were so nice to send me off with some kind words and an amazing cake. 
 So fun to have my lovely wife at the farewell!

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  1. Wow! Matt I'm so proud of you! I love that they sent you off with a part with cake and such! That salad looks AMAZING! I almost want to try to recreate it! It looks delicious! I'm excited for your next adventure! Love you!