Sunday, June 16, 2013

Korean BBQ

On Thursday June 13 I went with some colleagues of mine to eat Korean BBQ food in Chicago (4200 N Lincoln Ave). This was my first time eating this kind of food and I left the place feeling full and happy. All of the staff and most of the patrons spoke Korean. In addition, the interior design of the restaurant itself is very much in line with Korean architecture (so I am told). So, the entire ambiance completely steals you away to another place and culture.

We probably waited about 45 minutes for a table. This place is VERY popular.

Here you can see the stoneware hot plate and ingredients. We ordered a large serving of fresh beef that we then cooked on the hot plate. We then mixed the cooked beef with various fresh ingredients.
The beef you see here was the most tender and succulent beef I have ever tasted. It cooked so quickly on the hot plate. I loved mixing it with the garlic and the kimchi.
I tried my hand at cooking the beef but the server eventually came back, stole the tongs, and cooked it herself :)
Here are my beautiful friends Jeehee and Catalina. Jeehee is from South Korea and was the person who organized the dinner. She is a BBQ expert!
Here is my supervisor and friend, Steven. That man can put a lot of food away! I tried to keep up with him the entire evening.

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