Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Christmas with the Martins

Matt and I took an extra long holiday this year.  2 whole weeks!  We spent the first half with the Martins in St. George, Utah.  We had so much fun together!  We played games, made stockings, watched movies (The Hobbit!), ate amazing food, saw Santa Claus, went to the temple, watched an outdoor Nativity, took family portraits, and decked the halls yo!

My Christmas pictures were a little random this year.  I didn't take as many as I would have liked.  We recently purchased a nice video camera.  So, we have lots of videos!

Christmas Morning

Martins are so silly.  I love it!  Please notice Julia's stocking.  It's awesome.
 I think we're starting to look our age...dang you wrinkles and eye-bags!
Cafe Rio!!
Practicing our skit for our Christmas Devotional.

Random videos.

Opening presents.  Most of our videos were of the grandkids so we're only posting a few.

Here are a few videos from our Christmas Devotional.  Each of us prepared something: a poem, story, music, skit,  etc.  Below we have a video of Lucy singing and a skit that Matt, David  Chris, and myself performed.  We used Martin childhood memories to create a story and used puppets to act everything out.

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting here and reliving our wonderful Christmas together. The play was the best part. I loved it! It's good to see it again to catch all the comments. Too funny!

    Mrs. Buttermilk ;)