Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nauvoo Part 1

When we first arrived in Chicago, we spent a few days unpacking and organizing before driving to Nauvoo.  This visit was a first for me, Matt, and my parents.  We loved every minute of it!  While we missed the end of the plays and pageants performed during the summer, we were blessed to be one of only a few family's left at the park.  This meant no lines and no crowds!  There's so much to do in Nauvoo.  I can't imagine trying to fit everything in during the busy summer months.

Our hotel.  Isn't it cute?!  It's on the main street and surrounded by other quaint hotels, gift shops, restaurants and trade stores.

 I loved the rooms inside the hotel.  There were antiques on display (and available for purchase) everywhere.

The buffet dining room.  Every weekend our hotel puts on a delicious buffet.  It's apparently THE place to eat in Nauvoo!  The hotel's buffet is quiet famous and has been going on for decades.

The Nauvoo Visitor Center

 Original Nauvoo Temple Sunstone

Map inside visitor center showing the topography of the area. We also watched a few videos depicting the saints experience while in Nauvoo.

 Our wagon tour!

Browning Home

 Next time I won't use flash.

View of the Temple from the back garden.

Post Office


Do you see that glass jar with cookies behind us?  The recipe used was passed down from one of the saints.  Of course we ate some, and they were delicious.


 Although you can't tell from the picture, our guide was so engaging.  I could have listened to his stories all day.

 Dinner at the famous buffet!  Wish I had taken pictures of our food.

Eating makes my dad sleepy.

 After dinner we watched a musical, Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo, performed by the senior tour guides.  The show tells the story of the saints in Nauvoo and how they felt when they were asked to leave.  The musical made us laugh and cry.  We spoke with some of the performers afterwards and they were just a delight.

An attempt to capture the temple lights at night.  The view was beautiful.  Sorry you can't see it from this picture!    

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